My Commissioned Covers are designed with your specific needs in mind.  I find the images. I design the front and back covers.  I design the Facebook banner and the 3D book Stack.  

During the design phase I am constantly in contact with you.  I want your cover to be absolutely perfect for you. 

And it doesn't take a month or two - at the most it will take me 7 days from start to finish.

Advantages are price  - only $45.00 for everything.  If you want a twitter banner, I'll throw that in.   Plus, there are no consulting fees.  I don't charge by the hour, so that's a huge plus.

At $45.00 for the entire commission, what are you waiting for? Contact me before you go elsewhere and pay an arm and a leg.

Full commissioned covers includes the full cover wrap suitable for KDP Paperback Publishing, Lulu and Createspace.    


The Cover Cabin. Who else?

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